As interdisciplinary musicologist in the area of music physiology, music acoustics and music physiology my main focuses are the performance on musical instruments and music perception


Documentations and results of many studies can here be found online. There are English publications and publications in German. For some studies, there are videos and clips that visualize insights of performance research and other topics. Since 1993 I have supervised many works of students. A huge variety of topics with musicology.

Artikel und Dokumentationen von Studien finden Sie als englische Publikationen oder als deutsche Publikationen. Zu etlichen Arbeiten gibt es Videos und Filmchen welche wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen visualisieren. Auch alle Arbeiten von Studierenden welche ich seit 1993 an der MDW betreue sind online. Eine große Vielfalt an Themen der systematischen Musikwissenschaft.

In a cooperation with Bonsai Systems at the ETH Zurich we develop „Sensor and Software Technologies for Lip Pressure Measurements in Trumpet Playing”and to bring them from Lab to Classroom

Astonished about the huge variety of trumpet sounds, performed by different players on different instruments through different times, I try to understand the influencing parameters. Many studies on the variabilities of trumpet playing are targeting on support for players and instrument makers.