Virtual Reality Links to VR Environments & Immersive Videos

Virtual Environments – Motion-Emotion-Lab | Virtual Performance Training Project

  • Virtual Performance Training Environments 2023: Demo-Video | MDW Tour | MV Tour
  • VR ‚Spot-on‘ Tour (Gesangstudie 2022). Choose your destination and dive into Immersive locations. Grab your VR Headset and your real instrument and play in other places. In the Motion-Emotion-Lab at he the University of Music and Performing Art, we can simultaniously measure psychphysiologial parameters.
  • Campus-Piano-Tour (Klavierstudie) – Visit some of the fantastic rooms on Campus of the University of Music and Performing Art Vienna – inclusive the Motion-Emotion-Lab Room, where you can choose to sit in front of pianos.
  • The Incubator Experience“ (Christoph Reuter, Musicology, University of Vienna) Visualization for the study: The „Sound of Silence“ in a neonatal intensive care unit – Listening to speech and music inside an incubator

VR – Apps & Tipps

YouTube Channels and some 360° or 3D YouTube Favorites

Websites & Street View

Social Media Networks

Equippment, Hardware ….

VR Projects & Music Performance

  • Matthias Frank, Neva Klanjscek, Manuel Brandner, Daniel Rudrich, Nils Meyer – Kahlen (IEM KUG – Electronic Music and Acoustics at University of Performing Arts Graz Austria): Augmented Practice-Room
  • EnsembleVR — Overcoming your Stage Fright with Virtual Reality (Website) YT-Clip
  • VRhythm – Keep the VRhythm Going: a Musician-Centred Study Investigating How Virtual Reality … Clip
  • VRcool – „Immersive Virtual Environments“ Clip – Glowinski et al.
  • Performance Simulator: „Simulating and stimulating performance“ (London) Clip
  • VR Rehearse and Perform: A platform for rehearsing in Virtual Reality – Vali Lalioti, Sophia Ppali et al. (DOI) Clip
  • PIANX – A Platform for Piano Players to Alleviate Music Performance Anxiety Using Mixed Reality, Yara Fanger et al. (DOI)

Interested or working in the field – Virtual Reality Music Performance:

  • Bergen/Norway: Irem Eliassen (Physiotherapist/ MSc Performing Arts Medicine) & Alisa Rysaeva Saali-art
  • Dr. Daniel Bellinger (Psychiatrie Uniklinik Würzburg ) & Prof. Dr. Maria Schuppert – Studie
  • Dr Helena Daffern & Dr Gavin Kearney (AudioLab, University of York) Dr Jude Brereton (Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, University of York): VR singing
  • Aleksandra Michalko, Adriaan Campo, Marc Leman, Kristel Crombé K., Stephanie Willai & Bavo van Kerrebroeck (Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM) , Department of Art, Music, and Theatre Sciences, IPEM, Ghent University, Belgium) : Improving group musical experiences in virtual reality, using a biofeedback control system
  • Boris Stajic & Maja Pokric (ARVRtech, Novi Sad, Serbia) Rocketreach
  • Helena Daffern and Jude Brereton (University of York, UK): VR to investigate togetherness in singing