Virtual Reality Links to VR Environments & Immersive Videos

Virtual Environments | (3DVista)

VR – Apps & Tipps

  • More Apps via SideQuestVR, or Steam
  • The Educators in VR Institute offers workshops, and ticketed events to the general public in virtual reality and mixed reality, Classes with a strong focus on immersive learning, mixing the virtual with reality.

VR Projects & Music Performance

  • EnsembleVR — Overcoming your Stage Fright with Virtual Reality (Website) YT-Clip
  • VRhythm – Keep the VRhythm Going: a Musician-Centred Study Investigating How Virtual Reality … Clip
  • VRcool – „Immersive Virtual Environments“ Clip – Glowinski et al.
  • Performance Simulator: „Simulating and stimulating performance“ (London) Clip
  • VR Rehearse and Perform: A platform for rehearsing in Virtual Reality – Vali Lalioti, Sophia Ppali et al. (DOI) Clip

YouTube Channels and some 360° or 3D YouTube Favorites

Websites & Street View

Social Media Networks